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©2019 by Dor Eshkol

obligated to the FTC Fair Trade policy,
I assure full disclosure from my side, which is based on all the knowledge, equipment, and information that I've gathered over time.
* All stones for sale are being professionally examined and identified as described.
*the stones you will receive are the exact stones you see in the pictures.
*all photos are being taken under Natural Daylight, (4,500K-6,500K) no photoshop\filters/ any other enhancement.
*Grading is done based on "GIA Gem Color System" and the "GIA Clarity Grades" ,as in my opinion, these systems are the most accurate and easy to understand.
*for Rough stones- the color & clarity grades are being estimated and represents the average grade of finished gems that one can expect to cut from the rough crystals that are for sale.
final result, weight, color, and clarity may vary (based on many factors such as the crystal type,  shape, the cutter decisions, and abilities.)


Saturation terms for cool colors: 1 = Grayish, 2 = Slightly Grayish, 3 = Very Slightly Grayish, 4 = Moderately Strong, 5 = Strong, 6 Vivid. Saturation terms for warm colors: 1 = Brownish, 2 = Slightly Brownish, 3 = Very Slightly Brownish, 4 = Moderately Strong, 5 = Strong, 6 Vivid.